UnitedGunGroup.com Unissued SKS Rifle Yugo 7.62X39 Cal.

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  • Posted By : Mike Williamson
  • Posted On : Jan 16, 2017
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  • Description : This shipment of Yugoslavian Model 5966 SKS rifles in 7.62X39 caliber were stored in an arsenal overseas. These are in excellent unissued overall condition. The md5966 has a 23” barrel with grenade launcher attachment (Not legal in California), milled receiver, tangent rear sight and folding blade bayonet. Fixed mag holds 10 rounds. Accessories include cleaning kit in ammo pouch, oil bottle in pouch, original sling, and original log book. (Note: These are coated in cosmoline. Most people prefer to clean them themselves but I do off the service for a $50 fee. Complete disassemble and clean and degrease. I then coat them with a thin coat of silicone to prevent rust. MSRP: $595.00 Your price: 525.00 plus tax . $40 shipping. No transfer fees on local pick up. All laws apply. These will not last long. Reply for more info.

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  • Price $525.00
  • Location Washington
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