Paladin Firearms Training, LLC

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  • Description: Paladin Firearms Training, LLC's mission is to promote firearms safety through proper education and firearms training that is designed for every day practical use in the real world applications. Our instructors draw upon their varied experiences in the military, private security industry, civilian sector, and in law enforcement; and are certified through the Department of Criminal Justice Services of the commonwealth of Virginia and the National Rifle Association. We provide a variety of quality firearms training that include basic, intermediate, and advanced firearms training courses. We proudly service central Virginia, Hampton roads, and all surrounding areas. Our firearms training courses are broken down into two categories. Non-Live Fire courses are indoor classroom environments where students will handle fully functional firearms, but live ammunition is prohibited from training. Live-Fire courses are conducted at a shooting range where students will operate fully functional firearms and shoot live ammunition during training.
  • Location: Aylett, VA, USA