Morgan Timing Systems, LLC

Morgan Timing Systems dry fire pro timer allows shooters to receive timed feedback while training at home. Allows the shooter to test different techniques, different equipment and different concealmen...  more

Morgan Timing Systems Dry Fire Pro Timer Training Barrel

 Morgan Timing Systems developed a training tool that allows shooters to obtain and record feedback on the results of the‚Äčir training without having to go to the range and spend valuable time and money on ammo. The Dry Fire Pro Timer Training Barrel allows shooters to safely train with the pistol they carry in their holster everyday. By allowing for training with their trigger, point of aim, magazine changes, and specific equipment, shooters will have access to training scenarios without burning through thousands of rounds of ammo. The Dry Fire Pro Timer Training Barrel also helps avoid potential accidental discharge of weapons by novice shooters, and provides a safe training tool for groups and individuals.