Facebook 1-Gun owners 0


In January of this year, we are all too aware of Mark Zuckerberg and his merry little band of liberals who crippled the firearms social community in a single blow. While we were still down, we got ”Zucker” punched by labeling all kitchen table dealers on the black list as well. Surprisingly we, as a community, did nothing more than complain to fellow enthusiasts on the very network we despise.

Mewe, an alleged solid alternative, recently hid all firearms related groups from the directory (if you remember, Facebook took similar measures years ago) in their first attempt to suppress the 2nd amendment. While we are talking Mewe, it’s important to note that they are owned by hundreds of liberal venture capitalist from around the globe (link to follow) and are only trying to drive up membership to gain maxim value before selling.   The “not4sale” only refers to your personal data. If you read their newsletter you can see how liberal they are or take a second to read about their Board of Directors and research who they donate money to when election time comes around; it’s not the GOP. To make matters worse, Twitter has recently been accused of the same things. The safe space for 2nd Amendment lovers is shrinking by the day.

Recently, a social marketplace designed 100% for the firearms community, and owned 100% by firearms community members was launched: United Gun Group. www.unitedgungroup.com

UGG combines all of the top technologies we love all in one place. UGG has a robust social network that rivals Facebook. Members can join the network, create a profile, add and invite friends and join groups. Businesses or organizations can create a page and gain followers with no hidden algorithm throttling post. There is also a free classified section along with a developing auction.

If video is your thing, there is a video sharing channel like YouTube, and a fast growing marketplace where a business can purchase a store front, list their products and have a fully functional ecommerce store open 24/7.

UGG truly encompasses all of the top social network ideas and has integrated them in one web or mobile app platform. The guiding principles are simple; if it’s legal and lawful, it’s permissible. Over the next 12 months significant investments will be made to enhance the entire platform. The marketplace is expected to grow to over 500k firearms and other items making it one of the largest sources for firearms and gear on the Internet. Future products currently being developed are a payment portal like PayPal, gun friendly credit card processing, firearm shipping and live TV.


Thousands of new members have already joined, what are you waiting for?



Todd Underwood President & CEO


References: https://wefunder.com/mewe