Click Bait, Pay-to-play, Facebook and YOU! The most important thing you’ll, read all day.


Recently I was at a digital marketing conference to expand my knowledge base to enhance United Gun Groups features for our members and learned some alarming facts about Facebook, which only deepened my love-hate relationship. We have all seen;




We all remember the post “We’re giving away 150 snipers, like and share and post DONE”, but, I’m willing to guess very few of you noticed the highlighted part on the right where it shows the category “Baby Goods/Kids Goods. The first time I saw this page it had just under 2000 likes, within two days it had over 50,000. Any of you get your free sniper? Didn’t think so.


Here’s the hook; this page is for sale. The whole game is to, create a page, offer a too good to be true giveaway and entice people to join and share. Once it gets enough followers, they sell it and the new owner has a built in audience to advertise to. The new owner simply changes the name to his brand name and the seller makes money for doing nothing. The end result, you see advertisements in your news feed. Nobody is really giving away a $50,000 SUV or truck or 150 guns… Sure, you’ll see local businesses give away a single gun or other shooting supplies. We’ve given away a few firearms and other items, but we need to realize that some magical company isn’t giving away 150 W E A P O N S just for liking and following a page.


The second and most disappointing part of this article is Facebook’s involvement. We’ve all seen and possibly taken the bait on “I just scored 90 out of 100, can you beat me”? Or “Can we guess you’re highest level of education”?




Ask, what’s in it for them? How do they make money to create these? Money after all is what makes the world go around. Here’s the hook, when you accept the challenge to play, you’re also accepting their “Terms of Service”. In their TOS it explains that you are giving them permission to gather your Name, DOB, email address, location and EVERYTHING else in your profile. They then sell your information and you get solicitations, either more on Facebook or in your email. Ever wonder how your junk mail fills up so fast? Now you know. Facebook just sits back and collects money and the other companies keep selling your information.


If you need help falling asleep, check our Facebook’s TOS;


Not that you needed another reason to join UGG, its important to mention we don’t tolerate ANY OF THIS.


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Todd Underwood

President and Founder