“Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes”, Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.


As a kid, history was always one of my favorite subjects; maybe it was because one of my high school teachers was a retired 1st SFOD-D officer, Delta for short, and I was fascinated with our military. He, as much as my father, impacted my worldview and helped shape how I look at events around me. I can vividly remember stories he would tell, always holding back because he didn’t want to puff up his own ego, forcing us to pull details out of him and often coming up empty… a true quiet professional. Hearing him talk about the events from Vietnam, Panama, Desert Storm and the Battle of Mogadishu always made an impact; he was there after all. Hearing history from someone who was there is always better than reading a book.


Given the climate of current events, rest assured we are going to be given the opportunity to pour intro the next generation given the miraculous events unfolding before our eyes. The first female president, or the first billionaire president, regardless, a first for America. One of my current routines, working from home, is always having the news on-typically FOX News, and occasionally CNN. My theory is that truth lies somewhere in between. I notice news sources popping up daily that are sensationalizing too greater heights the already dramatized stories, desperately attempting to appeal to my emotions and thoughts.


“Jack Lewis”, my former teacher and writer for UGG News, recently taught me two new terms that hit the nail right on the head. These two terms are right out of the unconventional warfare playbook – Perception Management and Behavior Modification.


Perception Management: Actions to convey and/or deny selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, as well as to intelligence systems and leaders at all to influence official estimates, ultimately resulting in foreign behaviors and official actions favorable to the originator’s objectives. In various ways, perception management combines truth projection, operations security, cover and deception, and psychological operations.


Behavior modification: is based on methodological behaviorism, which refers to limiting behavior-change procedures to behaviors that are observable. Specifically, behavior was modified through the use of presumed consequences, including positive and negative reinforcement contingencies to increase desirable behavior or by administering extinction and/or punishment to reduce behavior.


Welcome to the 21st century main stream media!



Rated RED is a new pro-military, pro-2nd Amendment and law enforcement, conservative-leaning news source with cute news personalities geared towards millennials. Sounds great right? Absolutely!   Only, here’s the catch… wait for it….this news source is owned by the Huffpost group!


Why on God’s Earth would the Huffington Post invest in a news source that was pro anything but pro-liberal? C-o-n-t-r-o-l…and to shape the worldview of the future of this nation. In case you’ve been living off the grid, the Huffington Post is as about as liberal as a Clinton campaign rally in San Francisco with Rachel Maddow as the Emcee. Close your eyes. Visualize the flying, rainbow-covered unicorns now.


By watching CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC, the average person would gather 2 things: 1.) all of the problems in the world are the fault of the GOP, and, 2.) the DNC is the solution. It is in the realm of possibilities that a strategy of the mainstream media is to create a conservative media site, which in actuality is a Trojan Horse. Develop a site that is designed to be attractive to young minds that lean to the right, and then force-feed its audience liberal ideology.


“A battle Trump can’t win”, “Take aim at campus carry”, “Who’s the boss at the DNC” – those are just a few of the articles on this “pro-conservative” news site. By claiming to be right-leaning, and then deliberately and subtly planting liberal seeds will harvest an even more confused crop of future voters that can help the liberal left abolish the 2nd Amendment. At that point, it’s an easy walk towards socialism. Let’s not forget, Obamacare was NEVER intended to reduce healthcare costs. From its inception it was merely a stepping-stone in the development of government-run healthcare. The more items we let big brother control, the easier it will be for them to have complete control of our daily lives.


Be cautious of the information you digest; ask what their motivation is. Do you not find it the least bit troubling that 2 days before the debate NBC released an 11-year-old tape or on the same day 3 women accused Trump of sexual misconduct from 20 and 30 years ago? This is strategic character assassination, nothing more.


We have tough choices to face as a nation- 20 trillion in debt, 30 million illegal immigrants, BLM killing cops and clowns sneaking around in the woods (I hate clowns). Lets start by holding our media accountable for giving us fair and honest information.


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