If you are a gun owner or an advocate for your 2nd Amendment Rights then there is a very good chance that you have heard of the ATT or the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. If you have not heard of the ATT or are not sure what it involves here is a very quick and brief overview.

The goal of the ATT is to monitor and control the movement of “small arms and light weapons across borders” The treaty tries to create a 10 year record or the end use or end user of weapons after they reach their final destination. This as you can imagine would require a whole new set of records to be established that would be established and maintained by United Nations. These ATT records if implemented could skirt our 2nd Amendment rights which have come under so much attack recently. Treaties like these are cause for worry! Or are they?

I keep seeing well written articles from very reputable sources talking about how this treaty is not only designed to take away your gun rights, but to take away your guns as well. I agree with the first part, but the second part blows my mind. Seeing these reactions reminds me of just how afraid of the UN some people in the United States really are. I keep seeing posts of regular Military Vehicles being transported by train being tagged as “UN tanks being transported to your town” First of all in most of those pictures the “UN” vehicles are actually US Military vehicles. Second very often they are support vehicles, not tanks. And finally many units still rail load their vehicles to be sent overseas or to regional training centers to be used during US Military Training. Yet people still post pictures with pitifully inaccurate descriptions like the ones above keep getting shared on pro-gun social media sites.

So I have to ask as responsible gun owners and champions of 2nd Amendment rights how much do you really know about the UN and how it works and more importantly if you do, what are you afraid of? Have you seen how poorly UN peacekeepers perform during operations? Have you seen how many of them have been disarmed or disarmed and captured without putting up fight? How many times have UN troops been accused or found guilty of looting or other heinous acts during peacekeeping missions? Google it…… Yea it’s surprising just how many incidents of surrender you can find and without shots fired.

I’ve been part of teams that trained solders from 11 different countries for peacekeeping missions. I’ve seen and had to teach UN “Tactics” and Rules of Engagement. Most of the UN Peacekeeping forces are ill prepared for keeping much less peace enforcement. So how are these ill prepared and many times ill equipped forces going to deploy to U.S. soil? OK let’s say they manage to deploy a sizable UN force onto US soil, exactly how are they going to come to seize your firearms? How are they even going to know who has what firearms or where or who was the final destination of that imported small arm?

OK let’s say the ATT get’s approved. Who is going to pay for their proposed registration process? What technology is going to be used to process it? What if any eligibility criteria will be established to determine who actually can obtain those imported arms? Will parts of firearms be subject to this treaty or just entire fully assembled firearms? Will someone who is purchasing one of the small arms in question also have to fill out an ATF form 4473? Will the ATF be given access to the UN ATT information? What will happen if an imported firearm ends up someplace other than its final destination? Who will enforce that and how will they arrest or apprehend these violators? Where would those people go on trial? Would it be a US court or a UN Court? Where would that court be located? Would those US citizens be given due process? Who will keep these UN troops from not just violating our 2nd Amendment right but also our 4th Amendment rights? Do I need to keep going or do you get the idea.

So what are you afraid of, or why are people trying to scare you? There is no doubt that the ratification of this treaty would threaten our 2nd Amendment rights and we have to stay frosty to ensure it does not happen. So knowing we have responsibilities to ensure we maintain our rights we then have to wonder who is trying to tell us that the UN (yea right…) is coming for our guns and what are they getting out of trying to scare us? To be honest I don’t know, I don’t have any names and I haven’t done too much digging but there are reasons for it and I’m sure some of those reasons have something to do with money. Reading some of the articles that talk about the ATT and the impending gun grab are great reminders of just how watchful we need to be to ensure we retain or 2nd Amendment rights but I think many of the people who are paying for articles like this to be written are the same people who want to sell you firearms and ammo. Think about it, what do we tend to do when we think people are going to restrict our access to firearms and ammo? We go out and buy more of them and stock up on ammo. Buying firearms and stocking up on ammo costs money and money as they say makes the world go round.

We have to stay on top of things like the ATT, we have to join the NRA to ensure that our 2nd Amendment rights are protected, but we also have to understand that when we start to think about blue helmet soldiers coming onto American soil to take our guns is unlikely and unrealistic. If you can’t even keep peace in Africa, how are you going to deploy to the United States and take my guns? Bitch please!


Cape Rust

Senior Writer

United Gun Group News/Reviews


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