Gun Rights vs Gun Control: What the firearms community needs to do.

Moms Demand Action, The Brady Campaign, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Newtown Action Alliance, Everytown for Gun Safety, and the list goes on and on. There are thousands of volunteers and billions of dollars dedicated to eradicating 2nd Amendment Rights in the name of “reducing gun violence”. At every shooting and election, their presence is surely felt by both sides of the debate. One topic you don’t hear us (firearms enthusiast) discuss is our solution to tackle this problem that is “gun violence”.

I recently had the opportunity to have a lengthy discussion with two victims of mass shootings. They knew who I was; it was uncomfortable at first. We focused on empathetically understanding each other’s viewpoint while ignoring our own preconceived notions on the subject. We listened to understand, not just to form a reply in the form of a sound bite. The biggest take away is that both sides do in fact share some of the same goals: to preserve life and keep our families safe.

Earth shattering, I know. To think someone like me – a lifetime NRA member, CCW holder and instructor, President of a business dedicated to buying, selling and trading of firearms would have ANYTHING in common with Moms Demand Action. However, we do. We both want to protect/save lives, but using completely different methods with different interpretations of the 2nd Amendment.

To be 100% perfectly clear, I think universal background checks will do nothing to reduce gun violence. Criminals can still get guns. The 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to keep and bear arms, lots of them, full-auto included. It has nothing to do with hunting or muskets, but everything to do with keeping the government from infringing on the Rights of the People. The 2nd Amendment has absolutely NOTHING to do with the subject of gun violence. Having that understanding, the anti-gun crowd is the only audience controlling the discussion. So I ask: why, as a community, are we letting them be the only voice on the topic to provide solutions to end gun violence?

We do a lot of talking on “keeping our rights” and “not treading on me” but we leave the topic of reducing gun violence to the people that know nothing about firearms, and, are 100% committed to gun confiscation. Sure, they claim they are not trying to take away our rights, but all you have to do is listen to Hillary Clinton talk about the Heller decision and you should be able to figure out she does not believe the individual has the right to posses a firearm. She does not think civilians should have an AR-15. She also had her daughter discussing how they could overturn the court’s ruling.

As a community or government, we are ethically and morally responsible for policing ourselves. We cannot let the anti-gun organizations be the only voice speaking on the topic. We just dogged a bullet (no pun intended) with this last election. I can’t be the only one surprised with the results. While I 100% supported Trump from day one, he narrowly defeated one of the most anti 2nd Amendment candidates who would have likely nominated 4 +/- Supreme Court justices in the next 2 terms. This should scare you, especially if you care about gun rights.

Let’s not wait for the next shooting; lets do something now.

As the founder and CEO of United Gun Group, we are taking steps to cultivate a community of the OF LAWFUL gun owners in America. We have formed a committee to discuss our role, and methods we can implement to take steps to prevent people from obtaining firearms who should not have them. This includes ways we, as a company, can prevent convicted felons from purchasing firearms while 100% preserving and embracing the 2nd Amendment as our Founding Fathers desired. They didn’t want lawbreakers to have guns; they equally didn’t want the government taking away our inalienable rights– the right to be a free country with people who can stand up against an overreaching government.

If you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment.

In defense of liberty,

Todd Underwood

President and Founder

United Gun Group