Remember when Democrats took a different approach to refugees?


I sure do. Elián González (born December 6, 1993) is a Cuban man who, as a young boy in 2000, became embroiled in a heated international custody and immigration controversy involving the governments of Cuba and the United States, his father, Juan Miguel González Quintana, his other relatives in Miami, Florida, and in Cuba, and Miami’s Cuban American community.


González’s mother: Elizabeth Rodríguez, drowned while attempting to leave Cuba with González to get them the United States. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) initially placed González with maternal relatives in Miami, who sought to keep him in the United States. His mother, sought to leave Cuba because of the horrible and oppressive conditions that Castro inflicted on his people.


After a legal battle, Bill Clinton and Janet Reno sent federal agents to capture the boy at gunpoint to ship him back to Cuba.


The democrats prove once again in this current political climate to hide and manipulate the truth for political gain. Be rest assured that if these Muslim refugees planned on voting Republican they would have countless reasons to stop them from coming in.


Todd Underwood

Founder/President and Chief Evangelist

United Gun Group