Freedom of Expression and Defamation


The First Amendment to the US Constitution provides that the government cannot censor speech, prevent people from peaceably gathering together, establish a religion, or prevent people from freely exercising religious beliefs.

This right to free speech entitles a person the freedom to form and express their own opinion, to the extent that they do not incite or cause harm to others in doing so. 

A person has every right to call someone an asshole, or to publicly state that they don’t like a product. They’re entitled to say that it’s a bad product. These are all statements of opinion and are protected under the First Amendment.

However, to claim that the maker of a product is a liar, is deceptive, and is a thief without providingsubstantial evidence of proof, is considered an unfounded claim and a defamatory accusation, directed personally to an individual’s character with the intent to cause harm to that person’s reputation.

Defamation lawsuits are a long established, recognized right and a legal method of dealing with untrue statements that intend to damage an individual and/or their reputation. 

Defamation lawsuits do not seek to censor an individual or to limit their expression of opinion. They are in place to protect individuals from untrue and unjust statements.


As a manufacturer creating specialized products for specific user groups and purposes, review and critique of those products is essential for the evolution and advancement of innovation. As a knife maker with decades of contribution to the industry, Anthony Marfione and Microtech Knives openly welcome and encourage constructive criticism of our products.

We challenge everyone, especially those who are skeptical of our product quality, to pick up a Microtech or Marfione Custom product for yourself. If after comparing our products to the competitor’s, you feel we’re offering a sub-par product, we would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve.

We strive to deliver American-Made craftsmanship with superior quality. We believe this is evident as soon as you pick up a Microtech or Marfione Custom product. We understand that no product is perfect and we count on our customers to provide feedback and criticism to understand how we can improve. Your feedback enables us to deliver the best products possible, striving to continuously improve upon and evolve our level of craftsmanship.

To all of our customers, and to all those who support the evolution and advancement of the knife industry, we are grateful for your contribution, your criticism and your support.