Sig Sauer gun ranges closed after bullets found to be falling on Route 101

EPPING – Sig Sauer Academy’s firing ranges facing Route 101 have been shut down after a state police investigation found that bullets were falling onto the highway.

State police announced the range closure Monday following an investigation that began in April when Kristen Burke of Hampton reported that a bullet had struck her windshield while she was traveling westbound between Exits 7 and 8.

According to state police, detectives concluded that the round that hit Burke’s car likely came from Sig Sauer, which is located just north of the area where it was struck.

State police said that while the investigation revealed that rounds being fired from the ranges at Sig Sauer were falling onto Route 101, they determined that the bullet that shattered Burke’s windshield wasn’t fired from a pistol at the time that she was passing through the area.

The results of the investigation have forced Sig Sauer to shut down the firing ranges facing Route 101 until a proper round retention system is installed, state police said.

State police referred the case to the Rockingham County Attorney’s Office for review, which determined that no additional law enforcement action will be pursued.

Shortly after the incident, Burke told the New Hampshire Union Leader that she first thought that a rock had struck her windshield while she was driving her Honda Pilot with her two young children inside. It wasn’t until she brought the vehicle to a repair shop that the bullet was found inside the car, she said.

“Right away I thought, ‘If that hit me and we got into an accident it would have been horrible.’ The first thought is your kids. That’s where your mind goes,” Burke said at the time.

A Sig Sauer representative said Monday that she wasn’t aware that state police had released information on the investigation and the closure of the firing ranges.

In the days following the incident, Sig Sauer issued a statement in April defending its facility.

“The Sig Sauer Academy takes safety very seriously. We are confident that the findings of the New Hampshire State Police investigation will reassure everyone that our facilities present no danger to the public,” the statement said.