State laws expand concealed gun rights to college campuses, public facilities

Laws allowing concealed guns on college campuses took effect Saturday in several states, including Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Kansas.

In Tennessee, concealed guns may now be carried in a broader range of public buildings and bus stations. And in Iowa, permit holders are now able to carry concealed guns in the Capitol, Fox News Reports.

Georgia’s law will allow people with concealed handgun permits to take their weapons into classrooms, but not dormitories; and college sports fans can carry legally concealed firearms while tailgating but not inside stadiums.

A Tennessee law allowing guns in many local public buildings, bus stations and parks can be voided if authorities instead opt to install metal detectors staffed by security guards.

Concealed guns are now allowed at college campuses in Kansas as a result of a 2013 law that applies to public buildings lacking heightened security such as metal detectors and guards. A four-year exemption for universities expired Saturday. In Iowa, the new law allowing permit holders to carry concealed guns in the Capital prompted the state Supreme Court to ban weapons in all courthouses statewide.

Much of the argument against these new allowances for gun law, tend to gravitate toward the reasoning of mixing firearms with environments that are heavily saturated with alcohol, i.e. tailgating, bars, clubs, sports arenas…

*EDITORIAL NOTE* Gun safety 101 teaches a firearm owner that firearms and alcohol don’t mix. I would like to think that all firearm owners understand this and wouldn’t mix the two. However there are those idiots out there that think its perfectly fine and ignore common sense. They even make YouTube videos of themselves looking and acting the fool, therefore making the rest of us non-feeble minded firearm owners look bad.

While I feel that there is room for healthy debate on when and where firearms should be carried, the good news is that idiotic gun control measures by heavily communist saturated democratic states, such as California are being shut down!

Fox News: 

                       “A voter-approved gun-control initiative prohibiting people from possessing ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 bullets was to go into effect Saturday in California. But it was blocked by a federal judge, who said it would have made criminals out of thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens who own the magazines. A similar law passed by the Democratic-dominated Legislature also is subject to the preliminary injunction.

                   For decades, the National Rifle Association pushed for state laws allowing people to carry concealed guns with permits. Having succeeded nationwide, gun-rights advocates now are gradually expanding where those weapons can be taken.”

A blatant attempt at gun confiscation, California politicians don’t really understand the fight that they are in for I think. It was refreshing to see that at least one Federal Judge had the guts to stand up against this attempt at totalitarian tyranny perpetrated by the anti-gun communists in California.