Police mocked in fake street signs illegally installed in Twin Cities, as a sign of protest related to Justine Damond shooting!

As public fallout over the fatal police shooting of Justine Damond continues, an apparent protest surfaced on the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul where at least two street signs mocking the local police were illegally posted, Fox News Reported.

“The signs were discovered on Sunday in both the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis and an intersection in St. Paul. Both were bolted to metal posts, similar to regular street signs.

The signs were eventually taken down by both cities’ respective public works departments, but not before photos of the signs went viral on social media.” (Read More)

It has been a more than a week since Damond,  who was due to be married in August, called 911 twice on Saturday night to report an alleged sexual assault in the alley behind her home.

When Minneapolis police officers Mohamed Noor and Matthew Harrity arrived on scene, they said they heard a loud bang before Damond approached the driver’s side of the police car.

Noor, who was sitting in the passenger seat, fired his gun and hit Damond in the abdomen. In a statement, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner ruled her death a homicide and said she died Saturday at 11:51 p.m. in the alleyway.

*Opinion- Editorial*

As if the country needed any more fuel to add to the fire when it comes to anti-police rhetoric. Then this happens. I will support law enforcement everyday of the week! So, why add to the anarchist tension that is rising in this country?

With anti-police politicians and Soros funded hate groups around every corner, one would think that you would try to support the few men and women in blue that protect the rest of us from total chaos.

There are some very key questions that need to be answered and addressed in this matter however. Questions like, “Why were the body cams being worn by the police officers not activated?” and “Where is the dash cam footage?”

So many police shootings have occurred in the past few years, and the body cam footage and dash cam video has been released rather quickly. Why hasn’t it been released in this case?

I know many people will say it is because it is part of an ongoing investigation, but that hasn’t stopped other departments in the past from trying to be transparent with the American public.

There are people who are bringing up the fact that Officer Noor is a Muslim. Personally, I don’t care if he was/is. I want to know the reason he shot. Was it a “Nervous Nelly” factor? Was Noor so scared to be patrolling the streets that he had his hand on his service pistol the whole time?

Or was it what the conspiracy theorists and tin foil hat brigade are saying, and that Noor shot just so he could kill a white female non-believer and score some brownie points with Allah?

One thing is clear, the Minneapolis Police are taking a little too long to release motive and footage for this tragedy, and THAT is ramping up the rage against police with these anarchists.