The 2-1 decision Monday came from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Fox News Reported, “The court issued a permanent injunction stopping the local Washington, D.C., government from denying people the right to carry concealed handguns in the nation’s capital unless they could convince local officials they had a special and compelling need to protect themselves.

Just last month, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a case (Peruta v. California) that addressed this very question, arising out of a local policy in San Diego, Calif. California, Maryland, New Jersey and New York have concealed-carry rules similar to those struck down by the appeals court in Washington.

In the new appeals court decision upholding Second Amendment rights in the nation’s capital, (Wrenn v. District of Columbia) two out of three judges got it right. The ruling was authored by Judge Thomas Beall Griffith, a 2005 George W. Bush appointee, and Senior Judge Stephen F. Williams, a 1986 Ronald Reagan appointee.” (Read More)

This is a monumental win for the American people and our Second Amendment rights. While this recent victory is in D.C., it may very well set the precedent for the rest of the nation.

With more and more states and cities having their anti-gun laws and absurdities questioned/revoked by the courts;  it would seem that the American public’s voice when it comes to the Second Amendment is being made abundantly clear.

They will not take away our God Given Right to defend ourselves.