A few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me my interest in shooting would turn into a business endeavor. Growing up in a purely conservative Republican home almost guaranteed a healthy view in favor of guns; being a born-and-bred American pretty much necessitated adoption of the ideals behind the 2nd amendment and all that it entails. Even so, I never actually got my hands on a gun – a real one, since I’m at least 37% positive that the MA5B assault rifle in Halo doesn’t count – until much later on in life. I figured that once it happened, it’d just be a recreational pastime, and perhaps I”d get skilled enough to be able to defend myself and others as every American ought to.

I’ve come to find, however, that there’s one major similarity between my interests in firearms and tattoos; once you get started, you can’t stop yourself.

Being a proud and responsible gun-totin’ American isn’t the limit of my personality, however, and in an attempt to avoid the “gun bunny” stereotype I’m sure I’ll inevitably be labeled as anyway, I figured an introduction is in order. My real name is Carys; say it like Paris, but with a C. I’m about to turn 25 (less than a week from today, actually) and live in the greater Kansas City area. I’m a fur mom to two dogs and two cats. I work two day jobs, one as a barista and the other as a zip line tour guide. In what little free time I have to spare, I run an art and design business, as I am also a self-taught artist, and I play violin and piano.

So just in case anyone thought I might be just another product spotlighter with no personality, and no real interest in the how’s and why’s of proper firearm knowledge and use…

My hope for this opportunity as ambassador of UGG is to learn as much as I possibly can. Being relatively new to the industry, there’s plenty of room for that. Sure, what I know now dwarfs what I knew when I first picked up a Beretta 92 at a range in North Carolina years ago; but there’s a long way to go yet. Every step of the way will be reported duly with articles and pictures and videos to prove I can do the hoodrat stuff as much as any other guy or gal…and you better believe I’m excited to see what toys I’ll be able to try out.

Shooting may be a relatively new pastime for me; writing, however, is not. I’ve been writing and drafting and creating since I could hold a pencil. As a kid, a poem or story I wrote might’ve been chosen for some menial award at school; as an adult, I’ve had a couple of articles published on such sites as Thought Catalog and Mogul. Being invited to write for United Gun Group gives me the chance to test my skills in a different setting and I’m excited to see the outcome.

All this is to say that I expect to make something out of my somewhat humble beginnings as a shooter. I look forward to serving up substantial and informative content that’s (hopefully) fun to read, and growing as a shooter and an industry insider.