So today we tested  body armor…

It’s always fun to go to the range and to throw some lead downrange at some targets. Especially when those targets are armor plates that you are trying to push the limits of to see what they can handle.

It’s always good to know how well your gear will perform, most certainly it’s good to know how well your armor will perform. This is the gear that means the difference between life and death when SHTF.

We threw everything from 9mm to .308 at this stuff and the results didn’t disappoint.

3 of the plates we wanted to shoot to fail. The steel plates were barely scratched after 15 direct hits, ranging from 9mm to 5.56 green tip.

The poly III+ had 54 rounds fired at it from an AR from 55 grain FMJ, 62 grain X855 and 77 grain Nosler and 1 got through. We then finished it off with a .308… the results are beautiful.