Having worked a bunch of years as a Paramedic, I have seen some stuff that would make your head spin! TRUST ME!

This however, is a new one to me. Driver, Georgie Knox, was headed to work when a coyote ran in front of Knox’s vehicle. Knox heard the impact and had assumed that the animal was now dead and behind Knox on the road.

At a red light, a construction worker pointed out the anomaly in Knox’s grill. It was the coyote. Getting out of the vehicle, Knox inspects the front of the vehicle to see the coyote alive and well, looking at Knox.

A phone call to Alberta’s Fish & Wildlife, they came out and rescued the coyote. A trip to the Vet with a clean bill of health, the coyote was released into the wild.

Definitely one of the weirder things I have seen in my lifetime!