Anxiety and stress, two major factors that play an integral role in being a PTSD Veteran.

Not to mention the constant looming threat of panic attacks, the continuous headaches and migraines, the horrific surround sound nightmares and the knowledge that next to nobody has any clue what you’re going through.

I figured it out. Young adults reach their peak neurological maturity between the ages of 18-25 roughly. During those years, myself and many other veterans suffering from PTSD, were training to fight in war. To see danger around every corner. To always be ready for the unexpected and the next attack. Those of us lucky enough to come home, who were always ready for war, now found ourselves just having to live everyday lives. No I.E.D.’s (improvised explosive devices), no suicide bombers, no snipers, no landmines, no enemy patrols lying in ambush… Just a normal life. You take all of that and mix it in with the things we did see and do, no wonder there are so many of us PTSD Veterans out there.

Over the 12 years since I have been out of the military, I have tried a myriad of methods in combating the demons that plague my synapses. Counseling, marijuana, mostly alcohol, not much seemed to help abate the symptoms of my shell shock. Alcohol works fairly well. Drink until you’re drunk then go to sleep. Keeps the dreams away, but you wake up hungover and physically feeling like crap when you finally drag your sorry backside out of bed.

The cannabis worked too, although the euphoric high was rather annoying for me personally. I don’t like how the THC makes me feel. I felt as though I would never find relief from my PTSD.

I started doing research on my own. Because the V. A. is rather useless and after 12 years they still can’t seem to find my medical records. The more research I did, the more I read and heard about Hemp CBD Oil from CBD American Shaman.

With less than 0.03 – 0.04% THC, Industrial Hemp CBD Oil showed significant promise. The V. A. website largely discredits medical marijuana when it comes to the topic of PTSD cannabis therapy. Citing “research” saying that veterans will become addicted to the cannabis and that the little research done on PTSD Veterans who use medical marijuana was “inconclusive”. They spent several paragraphs vilifying THC.

That’s not what caught my interest though, the testimonies from PTSD Veterans that were using Hemp CBD Oil to treat themselves and the fact that they found relief from their shell shock was what caught my interest. For the first time in years, I felt like there was hope.

No more “zombie pills” from the V. A.

No more drinking every single day just to sleep.

No more stoner side effects from cannabis.

Just the ability to function, without the anxiety, without the panic attacks, without the stress. This is what I so longed for, and finally found with the aid of CBD Oil that I got from CBD American Shaman. I no longer am harassed by nightmares. No longer tormented by debilitating migraines.

Since I started using the American Shaman CBD Oil, I have been largely symptom free. For the first time in years, I have been nightmare free, I have had only one panic attack in the last two months. Compared to having them every single day, you can imagine my enthusiasm when it comes to singing the praises of what CBD Oil can do.

Now I know there are going to be some hecklers and trolls that call CBD therapy “hippie garbage” and “…a new age fad…” (which actually Hemp has been used in medicine for thousands of years), and to those critics I would say just to try it. The proof is in the actions of the oil, and I am symptom free. If it sounds “silly”, but it works; … Then it’s not “silly”.

More conclusive and non-biased research needs to be done on the relationship between CBD Oil and PTSD for sure, however I am already sold. It works, and I have CBD American Shaman to thank for it.