The HolsterCo Stealth IWB holster was actually the second piece of gear sent to me for review – the first being my Glock 43. I’ve professed Glock’s quality for a very long time, since it’s the firearm I pretty much learned to shoot with (though far from the only one, or even the very first gun, I ever did). Needless to say, Glock has my business. But when I got my hands on a slick new holster for my firearm from a company I didn’t have history with, I was curious to see how it would add up to my standards. Here entails my thoughts on the Stealth, an IWB holster from HolsterCo.

I ordered the IWB Stealth to test out appendix carry. I already own an IWB holster from Minuteman Defense (which is what I’ve mainly used when carrying my G43). What surprised me most about the Stealth was how easy it was to wear. An uncomfortable awareness of my nether regions was anĀ  obvious but inevitable side effect of AIWB, sure, but this holster lacked any bulkiness that would otherwise classify it as less-than-ideal for my purposes. The kydex material is sturdy but the structure consists of only basic necessities; there are no excessive features that compromise movement or comfort while wearing this holster. Simplicity is my preference, and the Stealth did not disappoint in this regard.

The retention on this holster is absolutely perfect. I feel completely at ease both holstering and drawing my firearm with this holster. There is no difficulty in securing or removing my G43 from its holster, and in my experience, some seemingly simple holsters can be surprisingly grabby, or require a finicky method to draw. Not so with the Stealth; it fits the firearm well and leaves no room for error.

One thing I was aware of was that the ability to conceal my firearm in this holster, while effective enough, was not totally undetectable; but I should mention that, as a really thin person, I have a hard time finding well-fitting holsters that keep my gun snug against me anyway. This is especially true for each position I carry in – whether it’s hip or appendix, IWB or OWB, there are very specific ‘rules’ I have to follow to conceal my firearm. An investment in larger/less well-fitting shirts is probably something I’ll need to make in the future too. But for now, I just have to focus on leaning my torso, whether I’m bending down or kneeling or various other movements, very tactfully so as not to reveal the fact I’m carrying.

All in all, I really love this holster. Plus, I adore the Kryptech Typhon I ordered mine in. For only $50 and some change, this is well worth the investment. Go check out HolsterCo and let their many positive reviews win you over as a customer like they did me!