I have tried every type of holster imaginable. Leather, nylon, and many different brands of kydex.

For those of you who don’t know, Kydex is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials. It has a wide variety of applications, including being used for aircraft bulkheads, firearm holsters, sheaths, and for knives.

Most kydex holsters I have tried, were nice enough in tactical settings/environments (i.e. leg drop/thigh holsters, tactical vest mounted holsters and the such), but none of them were comfortable or practical to use for my every day carry (E.D.C.).

That is until I discovered Echo Delta Charlie Inc.

Providing quality Kydex Holsters and Magazine carriers for those discriminating shooters who demand the very best gear, E.D.C. makes custom Kydex holsters and magazine carriers to be used by private citizens and all levels of Military and Law Enforcement.

The first holster I received from E.D.C. was for my Glock 19. Lightweight and comfortable, the holster was molded and modified to MY personal preferences. Not too bulky, and rather easy to CCW with, my G19 holster from E.D.C. has great retention, is durable, and highly functional.

It’s easy to draw from, it’s comfortable on my hip and unless I told you, you couldn’t even tell that I was carrying.

E.D.C. is changing the way we look at Kydex in the firearm industry.

From Echo Delta Charlie’s website:

Many of our products are used by active law enforcement and military personnel, and we are dedicated to consistently adding new and innovative product lines.

We take our responsibility in dealing with lifesaving equipment very seriously, and hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of excellence. Our unique manufacturing process ensures that we can consistently over-deliver on product quality and customer service.” (Read More)

Kydex sheet was originally produced in 1965 by Rohm and Haas, having been designed for use in aircraft interiors. In 1987, the product line was purchased by Kydex, LLC, formerly Kleerdex Company, LLC, which manufactures the material under the name Sekisui SPI at a location in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

It is an acrylic-polyvinyl chloride composite engineered for thermoforming fabrication, and combines properties of both the acrylic and the polyvinyl chloride components. From acrylic, it obtains rigidity and formability; from PVC, toughness, chemical resistance and good interior finish ratings. Sheet thickness ranges from .028 to .500 inches and can be thermoformed, post formed, brake formed and laminated.

For some applications it is used as replacement for leather, where it has the following advantages:

  • Waterproof
  • Scratch resistant (Rockwell scale “R” hardness of 90)
  • Holds its shape better, and will not stretch or shrink under normal conditions
  • Lower friction.

All of these are taken into account by Echo Delta Charlie Inc. Concern for comfort, reliability and dependability allows E.D.C. to manufacture a top of the line, premium holster for your CCW and Operational needs.

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