Right before he left office, Obama and his cronies attempted to circumvent a lot of standing laws and statutes by enacting “Executive Orders” and shady back room dealings among other things.

(Cover Photo Credit: NRAILA.org)

Chief among these sneaky and cowardly dealings, was  Obama’s Social Security Gun Legislation. The Obama administration put a ruling in place that would require that all social security recipients who are deemed mentally incapable of managing their own affairs to undergo a background check prior to owning a gun. This week, the Senate voted to abolish that regulation with a 57 to 43 vote after the House cleared the legislation last month. Now the repeal goes to President Trump’s desk American Military News Reported.


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) explained why he wanted to overturn the regulation.

“The agency regulation is defective in many ways,” Grassley said. “Namely, the regulation does not require the agency to prove a person is dangerous or mentally ill. The regulation also provides NO formal hearing or due process before a person is reported to the gun ban list.”

Those in favor of Obama’s ban argue that repealing this regulation obstructs the enforcement of gun prohibition laws.

“That is hogwash,” Grassley said of those claims. “We should not let baseless scare tactics confuse this important issue. Important federal gun laws are still on the books even if the agency rule is repealed. We aren’t repealing any laws. The new regulation is inconsistent with existing federal gun laws.”

Even with the repeal, social security must still report anyone who has actually been adjudicated as dangerously mentally ill to the gun ban list. They must also report anyone convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or involuntarily committed to a mental institution. Grassley says repealing this regulation will ensure that disabled citizen’s Second Amendment rights are protected. Those rights will no longer be able to be revoked without a hearing and without due process. It will take more than the personal opinion of a bureaucrat.” (Read More)

With the repeal landing on POTUS Trumps desk, I would think it almost a certainty that he will sign it into affect. After 8 years of terror and scare tactics from former president Obama, there is finally a ray of hope in the oval office. Second Amendment advocates have gone for far too long without a true ally in the White House. President Trump is the first sitting U.S. President in over 30 years who attended and spoke at the NRA Convention.

The House voted in February 2017 to overturn the Obama Administration rule, one of several regulations instituted by the former president that were undone last year using a law known as the Congressional Review Act. The CRA allows Congress to overrule recently enacted regulations passed by the executive branch.

CRA measures must be signed by the president. Which means it’s rarely used since a sitting president wouldn’t reverse their own regulations. But it did come in handy for Trump, who used it get rid of a number of regulations Obama enacted in his final months in office, including this initiative according to Fortune.com.

Much of the Leftist main  stream media is trying to spin this whole ordeal, using the Valentines Day Massacre that just occurred in Florida as their poster child, saying that Trump is trying to remove ALL aspects of reporting to the NICS firearm database regarding mental health persons. This is simply untrue and reckless and irresponsible journalism. The Law stands, mental health persons and persons who have been adjudicated mentally delinquent are still to be reported to the NICS database. This recent change is regarding Social Security recipients, because not everyone who collects SS checks is mentally delinquent. Obama’s former ordinances on the matter thought and acted differently. THAT is what congress and POTUS are changing.

It is high time for MSM outlets like CNN, NPR, MSMNBC, HuffPo, and the other liberal media outlets to start acting responsibly, instead of reporting left wing biased agendas.