If you’re unfamiliar with OpticsPlanet, they are a major brick and mortar/online retailer of sporting goods, out door gear and you guessed it, firearms accessories.

Catering to sporting enthusiast’s and public safety workers such as Police, Fire and EMS as well, the mission at OpticsPlanet is to provide exceptional service to our customers. We started with the best optics on the planet, but today OpticsPlanet has grown into the destination for millions of professionals and hobbyists every month according to their Website.

A recent decision to cease and desist with the sale of magazines exceeding a 10 round capacity by the company, has come to light in a slightly defamatory way due to, by their own internal miscommunication, and what is possibly some knee jerk reporting by other firearm related blogs.

The decision to stop all sales of magazines with a greater than 10 round capacity is one based on OpticsPlanet’s geography, not socio-political agendas in light of recent mass shootings like the most recent one in Florida. OpticsPlanet is located in Illinois, and the local laws there have strict regulations in regard to what firearm accessories CAN and CAN’T be sold to the general public.

After the Las Vegas massacre, many online firearm accessory retailers stopped all sales of bump stocks and binary trigger systems. OpticsPlanet did not. So, to even insinuate that the internal decision by OpticsPlanet to stop sales of high capacity magazines was politically motivated and a “statement” against the firearms community, is a reckless and slanderous one that needs to be rectified by those internet trolls who made them.

OpticsPlanet is guilty of only one thing, and that is working within the confines of State and Federal laws to the best of their ability while providing excellent customer service.

Keep On, Keeping On OpticsPlanet! You’re doing just fine!