The word play in the naming of Sig Sauer’s new Micro Compact 9 mm pistol aside, this is hands down one of the best shooting pistols I have shot in a long time!

Right out of the box, with 200+ rounds down range, the P365 performed flawlessly!

At first I was concerned about the micro-compact size, as I am a rather large guy, but it wasn’t even an issue with the 9 mm from Sig Sauer. Comfortable and easy to operate, the P365 performs way above my preconceived expectations.

Meant to be an alternative EDC and to give it’s competitors a run for their money, the P365 is a firearm that you can legally carry concealed 365 days a year. Hence the name. 

Sig Sauer Reports:

“The revolutionary new concealed carry pistol that gives you more capacity, more concealability and more capability. The P365’s proprietary magazine design allows for 10+1 round capacity in both the flush fit and extended grip sizes and an unparalleled 12+1 round capacity in the fully-extended version.” (Read More)

With an MSRP of around $599.99, the Sig P365 is an affordable and in my opinion AMAZING choice for a sidearm when deciding on what EDC you should own/use.

With slightly smaller dimensions than other popular single-stack 9 mm pistols on the market such as the Glock 43 and the Springfield Armory XDs-9, the P365 is not a single stack magazine pistol. SIG Sauer has managed to finagle 10 rounds of 9 mm into a flush-fitting magazine and 12 into an extended magazine. This pistol is a crown jewel in the line of firearms offered by Sig Sauer!