Customer in cowboy hat helps thwart armed robbery at Monterrey butcher shop!

A man wearing a cowboy hat was waiting in line at a Mexico butcher shop, when a punk robber came in with a firearm looking to rob the place.

The cowboy took advantage of an armed robber’s momentary distraction to jump on the criminal’s back and disarm and subdue him.

Fox News Reports:

Surveillance video from Monday shows an unidentified man wearing a cowboy hat standing by the register as a young man wearing a dark-colored sweatshirt with a hoodie enters Carnes Cares butcher shop in Monterrey.

The would-be robber points a handgun at the woman behind the register before pointing it at the man in the cowboy hat and demanding money.

 At one point, a woman who had been at the back of the store comes forward, drawing the attention of the robber.

The “cowboy” sees an opportunity and quickly jumps on the suspect’s back, wrestling away the gun before the scuffle moves off camera. At one point a store employee is seen coming into frame, grabbing the gun and running toward the back of the store.

The robber is next seen without his sweatshirt and shirt trying to run out of the store — but he’s quickly tackled by a second store employee. The man is finally subdued by the three men, while the woman at the register appears to make a phone call.” (Read More)

Asalto frustrado

Se frustra intento de robo en nuestras inmediaciones! Por favor compartir y difundir!

Posted by Carnes Cares on Monday, April 23, 2018

The suspect was taken into custody and no persons identities have been released.