Illinois counties form ‘sanctuaries’ for gun owners to thwart state’s push for gun control!

Resolutions have been passed in several Illinois counties, establishing a so-called “sanctuary” for gun owners in a bid to thwart the state legislature’s efforts to enact stricter gun control Fox News Reported.

At least five counties declared themselves sanctuary counties for gun rights, co-opting a word that most conservatives associate with the liberal policy of ignoring federal immigration laws.

Fox News:

The resolutions aim to send a message to the Democratic-controlled Legislature in the state that if it passes the proposed gun bills, such as increasing the minimum age for owning a gun or a bump stock ban, the counties will instruct their employees to ignore the new laws.

“It’s a buzzword, a word that really gets attention. With all these sanctuary cities, we just decided to turn it around to protect our Second Amendment rights,” said David Campbell, vice chairman of the Effingham County Board.

He added that around 20 other counties in Illinois have asked for copies of his county’s resolution. He also said officials in Oregon and Washington, have also asked for copies.

County officials say it’s unlikely their symbolic move will be enough to stop the state legislators from passing new gun control measures as the legislature is dominated by lawmakers from in and around Chicago, a city with rampant gun crime. (Read More)

We are most certainly in a time of great division in our country and this latest development in Illinois should serve as a blaring and monumental scream to the progressive left that we will not falter in our defense of our Constitutional rights and the lefts attempt to destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

The constant barrage of vile and anti-gun rhetoric that spews forth from lefty politicians and Hollywood puppets is astonishing. I truly feel that if the silent majority of us stopped being silent, the sound would be so deafening, that we could drown out the sociopath screams of the psychologically damaged left.