There are times as a writer in the firearm industry, that I am caught off guard and pleasantly surprised. THIS, is one of those times.

With the warmer weather coming, it is time for my EDC (Every Day Carry) to change from my heavier framed Glock 19 and Springfield XD, to something lighter and more easily concealable in Summer attire.

The problem was, I don’t have many firearms in my collection with the knockdown power I want that fit this bill. So, I went to my FFL friends’ firearm store and posed my dilemma to him, asking for suggestions.

He shows me a few selections and nothing was really peaking my interest at first. That’s when he hands me the Taurus G2C 9 mm in FDE (Flat Dark Earth).

The man knows how to push the right buttons with me, knowing that I am a sucker for Olive Drab and FDE firearms, but a Taurus? Really?

To sit here as a firearm blogger and NOT say that in the past, Taurus’ reputation hasn’t always been an exemplary one, would be an outright lie. 9 times out of 10, if you ask a firearm enthusiast what they think about Taurus firearms, most will have a slight cringe.

Oh, how times have changed. The sheer ergonomic feel and comfort of the Taurus G2C is astonishing!

The textured grip is especially nice. With the G2C’s small frame and light weight, Taurus has taken into consideration that the firearm is going to have some kick back and that extra grip retention is going to be needed.

The placement of thumb and index finger grooves along both sides of the frame caught me off guard at first, but griping the firearm with proper retention and my trigger finger along the slide at register; the placement of the grooves lineup exactly where my hands land in placement of the firearm. It’s a brilliant little feature in engineering forethought.

I was really enjoying the pistol up to this point, that’s when I noticed the price tag. $259.00!

The Taurus G2C hands down is one of the most practical and affordable firearms on the market to date!

Needless to say, I bought it. I immediately went to the range and put it through the paces. With 250 rounds of 9 mm 115 grain FMJ down range, the Taurus G2C performed flawlessly!

I had no malfunctions of any kind. Out of the box, not a single misfire, stove pipe, jam or anything! Accurate and light, the G2C is fast becoming a favorite of mine.

The recoil is perfectly manageable with proper grip retention, and the more I fired the G2C, the more I didn’t want to stop. I could have spent the entire day at the range, just shooting this one firearm.

I am hands down a Taurus fan now!

The forethought in ergonomic functionality of the G2C alone, along with the price tag has made the G2C, in my mind, a fine choice for personal protection, CCW and home defense.

GREAT JOB TAURUS! You have made me a believer! I am definitely going to start checking out Taurus’ other products now!

Taurus G2C 9 mm
Key Features

  • 9mm
  • 12+1 rounds
  • 3.2″ barrel
  • Manual and trigger safety
  • Picatinny rail
  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Includes two 12-rd. magazines
  • MSRP $200.00-$259.00