Moms and Machine Guns – How To Take Your Mom Shooting – Happy Mothers Day!

Its that time of year again!


If you are unfamiliar with Kirsten Joy Weiss, she is a Professional Competition shooter and her YouTube channel is rather successful. She should check out FreedomTV, shouldn’t she?

Hey Kirsten,

FreedomTV is Pro-2A and Pro-1A….. just saying.

Anyway, Kirsten in the following video has some great tips for getting the Mother in you life to the range. I only have my Wife now, Mother of our son, and she is all too happy to go the range with me and shoot steel, ESPECIALLY on Mothers Day!

Check out the video, share the blog, and get the Hell off of Social Media Already! GO SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY!!!!!

It’s Mothers Day for Pete’s sake!