New Jersey township could ban gun, ammunition sales in ‘sensitive’ areas.

Once again, New Jersey Officials put forth further evidence that they have been huffing glue leading progressive left anti-gun thought processes.

The fact that one of the officials in this NJ township is a former Marine Captain makes me sick to my stomach. Contributing to the destabilization of the country and trampling on Constitutional rights does not do anything to help anyone, and I truly wish that these moronic politicians and town officials would wake up and realize this truth.

The proposed ban would not allow a firearm store to sell guns or ammo within 1000 feet of “sensitive areas”.

New Jersey township is considering an ordinance that would prohibit the retail sale of firearms or ammunition within 1,000 feet of “sensitive” locations.

Under the measure, retail sales would be banned near schools, day care sites, college campuses, medical facilities, bars, parks, places of worship and similar sites. Township Councilman Steven Cahn, an attorney and former U.S. Marine captain, proposed the ordinance Tuesday, which is considered to be the first of its kind in the state, according to a statement from the township according to USA Today.

USAToday Reports:

“Someone has to take a leadership position on a local level on these types of issues,” Cahn said. “The federal government is not going to do anything. They are kicking around several pieces of legislation in Trenton and those are all great, but I don’t know where they’re going with it. It is now our responsibility here on the local level to do what we can within the confines of our legal responsibility as a local township government, consistent with the constitutional limitations of the Second Amendment to protect our residents. Maybe other towns will follow suit.”

“It’s proactive,” Cahn said. “It protects the town in the future should someone want to come in and put something in our town we don’t want. To the best we can tell, no one in New Jersey has done this. At the very least, those who sell these weapons of war under lax federal laws should not be that close to places where children and families gather.”  

Cahn said the council unanimously approved the ordinance on first reading and he expects the ordinance to be adopted in June.   (Read More)

Here’s the rub, no businesses in the township currently sell firearms or ammunition. They are trying to prevent a firearm/sporting good store from even entering their jurisdiction as a “proactive measure”. The town in question also supports even more restrictive gun control legislation that is proposed at the NJ State Capitol level, as if NJ’s gun laws weren’t stupid enough.

The proposed ordinance in the NJ township complements the township council’s letter sent recently to state Sen. Bob Smith (D-District 17), in support of six bills before the New Jersey Senate designed to strengthen the state’s already strict gun laws. The package includes new restrictions on bullets, background checks and magazine sizes.

If you’re a pro-2A supporter in NJ, I wouldn’t let this kind of totalitarian attempt at gun control stand. Call your Rep/Congressman. Make Noise! Defend the Second!