Sig Sauer Introduce it’s CO2 Powered BB Gun to the Masses! For the Patriot/Kid in all of us!

An almost exact replica of the Sig Sauer 1911 .45 ACP, this Semi-automatic, CO2-powered airgun and the first air pistol with a functional takedown lever for field stripping is perfect for collectors and even more so for the young shooter in your family.

When I was about 8, my father bought me my first air rifle. I remember sitting down with my Dad, and being taught how to respect and properly handle a firearm. Whether it was a BB gun or not, “someone could still get hurt”, he said.

I have continued the tradition of early and thorough firearms training to my son, who not only respects firearms of any variety, but can operate them proficiently and with the utmost regard for human life.

The new 1911 “WE THE PEOPLE” CO2 BB-GUN, would be a perfect way to not only train your young ones in the proper use of a firearm, but also introduce them to one of the most iconic weapons platforms ever created. The 1911.


MSRP: $119.99