Memorial Day is upon us once again, barbecues and cookouts, drinks and family; it is a time of celebration.

But why?

For those like me, who have served in uniform and fought to keep America free, Memorial Day is a time of reflection and humility.

Many, who will never know the loss of a brother or sister in the line of duty, take for granted the Freedoms given to them by others who have selflessly laid down their lives.

Men and Women, whose names may never be known by the majority of the masses, who have paid the ultimate price for Freedom. Men and Women who I called friend, brother and sister.

For those who have returned, many more have been lost as well. Veteran Suicide is a very real threat, and one that until recently had a very public eye, but now seems to be off in the distance from public view.

It doesn’t diminish the fact that 22+ Veterans commit suicide each day. Veterans who so desperately need help. Veterans who just need to know that their sacrifice, their friends sacrifices’ who didn’t return, was all worth it. The freedom that so many enjoy and take for granted was worth the loss of life and the pain, blood, sweat and tears that were shed for it.

The horror of war, the adrenaline of the fight, the disrespect of opposing views upon our return home… these are only a few of the demons that plague our daily thoughts.

When our eyes close, the terror, sights, smells and sounds rush back in to our thoughts; and there is no way out of a firefight occurring in your brain each night.


this is what we remember and reflect upon, not only on Memorial Day…. but for everyday after for the rest of our lives.

(This amazing video from Black Rifle Coffee Company, is hands down the epitome of everything I am saying in this article)

This Memorial Day, please remember and reflect on the men and women who have fought and are still fighting for your freedom. Whether it be overseas, at home or in our very own minds.

God Bless America!