A Tennessee man grabbed his gun and opened fire on two burglary suspects who broke into his home last week, killing both of them, police said.

If you have ever been on the outskirts of Memphis as I have, you would know that it’s not a place you travel unarmed in certain areas. Much like the entirety of the area surrounding D.C., you don’t travel into these places unarmed. So it is not surprising that the gentleman in the news report has had multiple crime problems in the past.

Unlike D.C. however, this man was/is allowed to carry his legally owned firearm for protection.

The homeowner, who asked to not be named, told FOX13 he was walking into his home in Memphis when he encountered the two alleged burglars, identified as 28-year-old Azell Witherspoon and 17-year-old Demond Robinson. He was returning home from the barber shop and found the door pried open according to Fox News.

Fox News Reports:

“The suspects allegedly began shooting when the man’s friend ran outside. When the suspects dashed out of the house, the homeowner grabbed his gun and began firing.

“I just let loose, not knowing it hit both of them,” he said. “My life is the last thing anyone wants to take.”

“I’m sorry, but it was them or it was me,” he added. The homeowner said this isn’t the first time he’s dealt with violence. Last September, he said someone also shot at his home.

 “I mean, we’re in Memphis, you’re going to need a gun,” he said.” (Read More)

Memphis police said Saturday the homeowner will not be charged in the deadly shooting.