Security guard takes down knife-wielding man with nunchucks!

I worked Section 8 Housing as an Armed Officer before, and I have seen some really weird stuff; but THIS one takes the cake!

An Oklahoma City security guard used nunchucks to take down a man who was armed with two steak knives last week, police said according to Fox News.

Fox News Reports:

“Oklahoma City police were called to a report of a disturbance at an apartment complex on June 8 and when officers arrived they discovered that a security guard was holding Jerome Thompson, 31, on the ground, according to FOX OKC.

Thompson told police that he was working to hand out pamphlets at the apartment complex before the incident with the security guard. The guard told officers that Thompson was banned from the place. The man had been staying with residents at the complex and was having drug issues, according to OKC FOX.

The guard told police that he noticed Thompson was coming at him with the knives while he was delivering the pamphlets. Thompson allegedly told the guard he wasn’t leaving and that he was going to kill him.

The guard pulled out the nunchucks and struck Thompson as he was charging, according to the station. The guard was able to hold Thompson down while bystanders called the police.” (Read More)

Why on earth the security guard had nunchucks on him instead of a firearm, taser or pepper spray is beyond my cognitive thinking. It is pretty damn awesome though! I mean, how many times in your life can you say that you took out a psycho with a pair of nunchucks all “Bruce Lee Style”? Seriously?

This security guard is a now a whole new level of bad a** in y book!

Thompson faces assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and trespassing complaints, the station reported.