More than 500 guns seized from Southern California homes!

A Gun confiscation that I can get behind, this felon in California had an arsenal that would make most legal gun collectors drool!

Sixty-year-old Manuel Fernandez was arrested last week after Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies and state and federal investigators raided his Agua Dulce home according to Fox News.

Fox News Reports:

Authorities have seized more than 550 guns at two Southern California homes and made one arrest after getting a tip that a convicted felon was storing an arsenal.

Officials Monday say the searchers found 432 rifles and handguns, then returned later and found 91 more hidden weapons. Finally, 30 guns were seized at another home believed linked to an associate of Fernandez who hasn’t returned to the home.

Fernandez was booked on suspicion of being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition and illegally possessing an assault rifle and large-capacity magazines.” (Read More)

Judging by some of the firearms pictured, it would appear that even though he was/is a felon, that Fernandez was more of a collector rather than storing the weapons for gang activity or an assault on the Capitol, or some other nefarious scheme.

Just from an initial glance at the photo I can identify a broom handled mauser, several Colt pistols, possibly some H&K’s and Sig Sauers; as well as some M1 Garands, K-98 Mausers , 30/30 winchesters and more…. These are all Top of the line collector pieces that are rather valuable, and not very “crime worthy” pieces.

When I say that I can get behind the confiscation, the man is allegedly a convicted Felon. It is against the law for a Felon to own a firearm. If this is true, then Yes… he should be arrested and the guns confiscated. If, however, the man was a legal firearm owner; and this is some B.S. enforcement of California’s insane new gun laws, then I do not back the decision and am completely repulsed by the Communist Totalitarian agendas of California’s Progressive Left Govt.