United Gun Group is a social marketplace that esteems the 2nd Amendment and allows its members to decide what legal behavior they engage in related to firearms.  At United Gun Group we believe in individual liberty, the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States of America, and as such, if its legal it will ALAWAYS be permissible on our platform.  We offer:

  • A complete social network.  A person can join, create a profile, add friends, join groups and create pages for businesses or organiztations. 
  • Classified section for firearms and gear.
  • Auction for firearms and gear.
  • Video sharing channel where members can create their own video channel upload their videos. 
  • Marketplace for businesses that cater to the firearms community.  We will be the largest source for firearms and related products on the internet.  If you wish to create a store, contact info@unitedgungroup.com

Our Mission: To Connect the Firearms Community.
Our Vision: To be an Industry Leader in the Firearms Market.
Our Values: Faith, Individual Liberty and the Constitution of the United States of America. 

United Gun Group LLC
2711 Centerville Road Suite 400
Wilmington, DE 19808